Completion of Recording Phase + Character voice details

After a good few months of hard slog I can finally say that the bulk of the recording stage for my MSc Audio Production main project is complete.

In the next few posts I will give you insight into how each sound was recreated start. Due to the countryside location in which the story is set I found that the main technique I used was Foley to produce organic, real world sounds which would support and enhance the action. The cartoon-like nature of the film however provided opportunities to be creative using other sound synthesis techniques as well as to pay homage to sound design techniques used in the realisation of classic 1950’s examples of the genre such as Road Runner and Tom and Jerry.

Character Voices

Although no dialogue as such, the noises of each of the main characters were created using ADR techniques. Within Pro Tools I set the record function to loop-mode so that through repetition I could perfect character noises during particular segments. Each take was then automatically recorded on separate ‘playlists’. Comping different takes also helped ensure an optimum performance was captured as well as synchronicity with the pictures.

For convenience I decided to perform the parts of each character, altering my acting style to suit the personality of each animal:


‘Big Buck Bunny’

Big Buck Bunny is a large Rabbit and so there fore compared to the other animals his voice is lower pitched. Rabbits in the real world are relatively quiet creatures, and so I thought I would apply this trait to Big Buck, giving him an air of mystique.

Evil Flying Squirrel (Frank)

Frank is the leader of the antagonist group of small rodents. He is the most evil, getting his kicks from tormenting other creatures and killing insects in cold blood. I gave Frank a harsh raspy high pitched voice to match his mean, slightly menacing exterior and unhinged personality.

Goofy Rodent thing (Rinky)

Rinky is an idiot who messes around constantly with eyes that wander in different directions. He definitely has a screw loose and although perhaps not as evil as Frank he is easily lead. For Rinky I put on a goofy/eccentric voice, slightly higher pitched than Frank’s as this seemed to suit him.

Chubby Grey Chinchilla (Gimera)

Gimera is an overweight greedy little fellow. He takes part in the gangs atrocities but mostly as a spectator whilst enjoying his first love: food. There is nothing Gimera cares more about than his nuts. I gave Gimera a muffled lower pitched voice which I then pitch shifted higher to match his size.


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