Recording so far

Recording for BBB is now well and truly on the way. So far lots of sounds have been achieved using objects around the house. Recording at home seemed necessary as it would be unfeasible to carry items for the studios in Salford every time I need to record, plus with so many more potentially usable sounds available there is much more scope for experimentation. Also I always try to make sure recording quality is not hindered by using good quality condenser microphones and also treating rooms with dampening materials (duvets and cushions) so that room tone is not an issue.

Sounds which have been achieved from experimenting with household items so far include:

Apple bite: Eating a real apple
Chestnut munching: Eating BBQ coated
Neck creak: biting raw spaghetti

Flying apples: wafting a ruler in front of the microphone

As wells as this, some of the noises which the animals make have been recreated using ADR style techniques. Most of these I have performed myself, Big Buck Bunny’s snore however I could not muster and so I sort the expertise of my dad, he’s an expert snorer if ever there was one.

More progress updates to follow

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