Spotting Complete

Spot pic

I have now been through the entire of Big Buck Bunny to identify every sound effect that will need to be created. These have been divided in to 4 categories: Location, Foley, Synthesis, and background Ambience.

Ambience sounds are background sounds which will provide information about the surroundings in which the action is taking place. In BBB there is two main settings: the open field and the forested area.

Location sounds are those which will be recorded on location, i.e. outside of the studio, using portable recording equipment.

Foley sounds will be recorded in the studio to recreate noises which result from actions on screen such as footsteps, impact noises, and the various animal squeaks which occur in BBB. No ADR is needed for this film as all characters are non-talking mammals or birds.

For some sounds electronic synthesis will be utilised. I plan to manipulate software synthesisers such as Native Instruments’ Absynth, as well as hardware that I own such as a MicroKorg to achieve the sounds I need.

This combination of methods should allow me to create an effective soundtrack. The cartoon-like nature of the visuals allows me some scope to be creative rather than purely concentrating on achieving something as realistic as possible.

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