MSc Audio Production – Final Project

It has been a good few months since my last post. In this time I have completed the last of the taught modules for my MSc, which included Web Broadcast Methods and Audio Theory, and I have also produced and released a song I wrote for my original music project, Glass Ankle (click the link to hear it!).

I now enter the final stages of my MSc which requires me to complete an Independent Research Project. This blog will be integral in the realisation of my project, allowing me to document the processes and engage with people who might be interested in aiding me in my research by participating in the subjective test I will be designing.

My final project will be a Audio Post Production and Sound Design based study. For this I will carry out sound design and post production for a piece of film work, generating both Binaural 3D and Stereo final mixes. These mixes will be used for subjective evaluation of the two different systems on headphones to tackle the question “Could the experience of film be more immersive on headphones if soundtracks were mixed using the three-dimensional capabilities of Binaural audio, compared to Stereo?” This research is relevant when considering that consumption of audio/visual media on mobile devices using headphones has become commonplace.

I will be regularly posting updates on how things are progressing, so if you’re interested, please do feel free to follow this blog and comment.

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