Spreadable Media Blog 12 – Artefact 3 analysis

Audience Appreciation


My first tweet made on 26/12/12 was retweeted by @heloukee and two users I did not know of previously (@dubblasta and @danbellj).


brows 5

Ok, so from the outset things look pretty positive. 6 ‘likes’ is not to be sniffed at and suggests people have enjoyed it. 1 ‘dislike’ however is a little bit disappointing, but not the most disappointing thing, as you will come to see.

comments 2 Comments, one from the US, the other from Canada, have been made so far. Gurlzrool voiced her disbelief, whereas sullwyn expressed the unease she felt whilst watching, stating that she did however like it. The “creepy” comment is an important one as the creepy nature of the video may have impacted on its appeal, as you will see.


Below are the number of points accumulated for each subreddit.

  1. /r/videos rvideos1
  2. /r/funny =  rfunny
  3. /r/music =  rmusic
  4. /r/dubstep =  rdubstep

Overall the video received significantly more down votes than up votes.  With the level of detail and the amount of time taken to perfect this artefact, a more positive response was expected. The main reason I can think of to explain why people did not enjoy the video is that they possibly found it too scary/weird. Although creating a slightly menacing visual was intended, I did not expect this to produce such a negative response.

With hindsight, /r/funny was an unsuitable subreddit to use as the video is clearly not humourous.

rvideos2Trying /r/videos again this week yielded a similar, negative response. This lead me to ask if Reddit users would consider leaving feedback regarding what they disliked. Unfortunately no insight has been gained so far.

If I were to post this artefact to Reddit again I would focus on subreddits that cater to those with a penchant for things that are scary/creepy/menacing.


brows 1After an initial surge in watchers from Reddit and other external sites on 27/12/12, the view count has been dismal. In order to see how the video would spread organically (without plugging) I did nothing in terms of promotion until 10/01/13. As can be seen from the graph above, next to no-one was picking up on it.

On 10/01/13 I realised that some of the tags I had imputed were missing, thus preventing any affiliation with “Cadbury Eyebrows”, “Girl with a Funny Talent” and “Dubstep” music within the YouTube search engine. This mistake was due to a failure with my browser at the time of submitting th video to YouTube. I quickly rectified this and began actively pushing the video, e.g. posting video responses in YouTube and submitting the video to knowyourmeme.com and 4Chan.

The video has since started to pick up momentum. The peak at 12/01/13 is the result of referrals from Reddit. Only one person from 4Chan was referred.

brows 3

Unlike Artefact 2, this video has so far relied on links I have placed on external websites to generate traffic.

I believe all of the views from YouTube searches were generated by myself whilst trying to locate the video, as well as by friends and family who know of the alias, “Dub Brows”, and the nature of the video (“UV eyebrow dance”).

Demographics and Audience Retention


Ladies have come out on top as the group who have watched Artefact 3 most. The age of range of the top two demographics is surprising, as according to Google Ad Planner people of 35-44 years make up only 19% of total YouTube users, 45-54 = 13% according . The same website estimates the median U.S. Reddit user is male (72%), 25–34 years of age.

For some reason I didn’t expect women between 35-44 to find this video appealing enough to investigate. Perhaps the fact that mostly women have watched it explains the negative reactions in the Audience Appreciation section? Here I am assuming that most women will find the video more unnerving than most men, which of course would need researching fully to suggest this is true.)

Alas, these trends and assumptions would require a full investigation in order to reach reliable conclusions.

brows 2

The top 4 countries are all English-speaking, as can be expected due to the title and caption of the video being in English. Most views have come from the UK and US. As mentioned in Spreadable Media Blog 4 – Artefact 1 analysis, there are more Reddit users in America than anywhere else, leading to a relatively large amount of views coming from there.

In comparison, views from other countries have been scarce. This perhaps indicates that outside of the UK and US eyebrow dancing is not so popular, or that the video has not been able to reach and engage people from other countries yet.

brows 4

Of the 25 countries, only 20 clocked up durations long enough to measure. Average view duration for the whole population is 29 seconds (39.2 %) indicating that the relatively short duration time of 1 minute has not made any difference to this figure.

Conclusions and Predictions

So far this artefact has not spread as well as initially predicted. Tagging errors could have contributed to a poor view account from 28/12 – 09/01, however I believe this is not the only factor.

Glow in the dark dancing eyebrows have proven too disconcerting for some. As a result, what was meant to be an artefact with mass appeal has only proved to be a hit with a few people.

More focussed marketing strategies have rejuvenated interest in the video (10/01 onwards). Whether this will be sustained remains to be seen. Hopefully it will now begin to reach an audience that will appreciate it.

I can’t help but think that if I had produced this video at the same time as when the popularity of the Cadbury advert was at its highest, artefact 3 would have spread much faster and wider. Rob Kelly has benefited from current  affairs with his second artefactFather Ted Reaction to Belfast Fleg Riots. Had he produced this video years after the riots I very much doubt he could have attracted so many views as public interest shifts very quickly to the latest, most current cultural phenomena.

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