Spreadable Media Blog 11 – Artefact 2 analysis


supervibe 1

YouTube statistics provide insight into how this artefact has spread. So far the total number of views stands at 487. On 19th December this video was posted on Reddit (/r/guitarpedals), attracting 42 unique cookies to generate 50 views (unique cookies is roughly equal to the number of different people who viewed this content multiplied by the number of different browsers and apps they used to view it).

Since then the number of views have continued to come in steadily with no sign in dropping in number, attracting on average 18 views a day. Compared to the Sufjan video this is quite encouraging.

supervibe stats2

The main route people took to find the video was through searching “marshall supervibe” and other related topics within YouTube. This indicates that the video is not relying on external websites I have uploaded the video to, such as Reddit, to generate traffic. This provides evidence of my theory that guitar tech demos are in-demand.

The video was only uploaded to guitar effects forums (Spreadable Media Blog 9 – Artefact 2 Promotional Strategies) on 12/01/13. This may lead to a slight increase in traffic over the coming days.

Demographics and Audience Retention


supervibe stats3

Viewers from a total of 49 different countries watched the video. This seems a lot compared to Artefact 1 (only 17 different countries). The amount of views per country is quite evenly spread, with the UK and US coming out on top. The 45 and 39 views from Italy and Brazil make up a substantial portion.

The guitar gear demoed in the video obviously appeals to a wide demographic –  guitarists and enthusiasts from all over the world, as originally predicted (Spreadable Media Blog 5 – Artefact 2).

supervibe 4“Estimated minutes watched” show a slightly different spread of interest per country. I am really impressed at the video’s average view duration (2:09) and percentage (60.6) figures for Brazil considering that this was for 39 views. Quite a few countries on average watched more than half the video before switching off, however the overall averages so far are apparently 1:18 (37.9%).

Audience Appreciation

supervibe 5

7 likes in 26 days from5 different countries. I am really pleased with how this video has been received.

supervibe6 copyTwo American YouTubers on 11/01/13 left positive comments on the video. On the same day another 4 YouTubers ‘liked’ the video. I’m not sure why this happened all on the same day because I did not post the video to any external websites!

On Reddit the video achieved a score of 10 as a result of 10 ‘upvotes’ and 0 ‘downvotes’, suggesting “100% like it”! For comments on Reddit see Spreadable Media Blog 9 – Artefact 2 Promotional Strategies.

Conclusions and Predictions

The video has found a truly international audience and has spread  predominantly due to demand from guitar enthusiasts to discover how the Marshall Supervibe pedal, Fender Nashville Telecaster and Fender ’65 Princeton Reverb reissue amp sound.

The video was pushed much less than Artefact 1, yet the views have been more frequent and regular. I predict views to come in at at least the same rate as they have been doing. More ‘likes’ and positive comments give the video added quality assurance that could lead to increased viewing figures as the video sneaks up the YouTube search list.

Again, like Artefact 1, Artefact 2 only manages an average percentage viewed figure of slightly under 50%. Making the demo shorter may have improved this figure, however the demonstration itself may have suffered by not being as thorough.

Artefact 2 appeals to a niche but fairly large audience and provides a detailed and thorough demonstration for those truly interested in the sound of the featured technology. What has helped is that all of the technology is widely known and available to buy in many different countries.

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