Spreadable Media Blog 9 – Artefact 2 Promotional Strategies

I tried a few different tactics to spread the word about my Chorus Pedal demo. Taking the video directly to those who’d be most interested in it I feel is the key to providing optimum conditions for the video to spread. Those not into guitars/sound will probably find it boring as it doesn’t provide much of a visual spectacle.


Posting to the “guitareffects” subreddit has proved quite fruitful. So far the video has received 9 up-votes and some very positive comments.

artefact 2 reddit

HP_Hovercraft’s feedback regarding why he/she liked the video was really good to see. I feel happy knowing that people feel my decision to let the pedal “speak for itself” was a good one, and that this aspect has become one of the video’s strong points.

I aim to reply to every comment someone leaves on my artefacts to signal my appreciation for their time. This video has created an opportunity to share knowledge with other guitar effects enthusiasts. As a result I have gained insight into other pedals and also how to modify my pedal to achieve a more desirable sound.


More recently I posted the video to specialist Guitar FX forums such as http://www.guitareffectsforum.com and http://www.thestompbox.net. Both attract 100s of users everyday to participate, creating a real sense of community. I’m looking forward to   seeing what the users think of my video.


On twitter I’ve been a bit cheeky by employing what can only be described as a spamming tactic.  Basically, I have searched for guitar gear related twitter accounts and tweeted to them the video in the hope that they and their followers will give it a try. These accounts include:

@MarshallAmpsUK (manufacturers of the pedal)

@Guitar_Effects – twitter account for guitareffectsforum.com

@guitarfxpedals – “Cataloguing interesting and unique guitar effect pedals of commercial/DIY design in order to create a detailed archive for researchers and musicians.”

YouTube tags

The video was tagged appropriately paying attention to guidelines set out by Ann Smarty in her article, “The Ultimate Guide to Proper YouTube Video tagging” for internetmarketingninjas.com. For the first time I included Irrelevant/Non Useful Tags (misspelled tags, conjunctions and prepositions) to see if these made a difference in terms of attracting viewers.

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