Spreadable Media Blog 10 – Artefact 3 maximising spreadability


knowyourmeme.com reports that “A Girl with a Funny Talent” submitted to /r/videos subreddit, “accumulating over 9,500 up votes in less than a week.” The Reddit community clearly loved it as it also attracted over 1300 comments.

I have posted Dub Brows to Reddit to garner how popular the video could become. It has been submitted to “videos”, “funny”, “music” and “dubstep” subreddits to cover all bases for finding its audience.


As well as appropriate tagging, the video has been posted as a “response” to other eyebrow dance videos in order to boost traffic. According to marketingonline.com “Setting up video responses to the most popular videos in your niche can get you hundreds of views with very little effort”. Their theory is that “piggy backing”off of popular videos automatically leads to “tons of views”. It’s worth a try, if just for research purposes.


Posted to attract any friends and family who are curious as to what I do on my MSc course! I’ve also submitted it to relevant groups I am a member of, such as (C)Unit – A place to share creative talents.

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