Spreadable Media Blog 7 – Eyebrow dance design

Here’s the plan. I’m going to do the dance in the dark. BUT, you will still be able to see my eyebrows. Wanna know how? Wait for it,  wait for iiiiiiiiiiiit……

DSCF0198Snazaroo, that’s how! I’ll be donning face paint and performing by UV light. Here’s why:

  • Originality – There are no glow in the dark eyebrows on show on YouTube, signalling a gap in the market.
  • Visually striking – I want the video to grab peoples attention. Hopefully the eyebrow moves coupled with the UV Dayglo colours will prove an irresistible combination.
  • Identity – The make up and UV is to create a new identity just as much as it is to hide identity. This project is totally separate from my other work and I am interested to see how it does with distance from my other projects. 


If my video is to be a true remix I should really use the same music as the other eyebrow vids. Using the same music could potentially attract more viewers than if I used a different track, however, I am not mad keen on it to be honest.

Instead I will be producing my own soundtrack. I recognise the potential the video can brings as a tool to promote my music. I don’t think that UV eyebrow dancing is really suited to the ‘folkyness’ Glass Ankle, so i’ll have to come up with something different. Perhaps I’ll try my hand at a genre I’ve not dabbled in before. Electronic, synthetic instrumentation might work well.

Again, a more well known piece of music could encourage more attention, yet I believe the visual concepts are strong enough to risk not opting for the extra boost a famous song might give.

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