Spreadable Media Blog 3 – Artefact 1 maximising spreadability

In order to reach as many people as possible with this video I have employed a few marketing strategies that will hopefully start the ball rolling.


Having never used Reddit before it took a little while to get to grips with how things worked. The breakthrough came once discovering Subreddits. Each Subreddit represents a community of people with a common interest. I figured it would be best to start by posting the link within specific Subreddits in order to target people who maybe most interested in watching the Sufjan cover video.

On Sunday 2nd December I posted the YouTube link initially to just two Subreddit lists to test the water:

  • ListenToThis – THE place where people go to discover new and rare artists and tracks, or collaborations.
  • IndieFolk – For those whoe enjoy Indie/Folk music.

First responses have been good. The Indiefolk Subreddit seems to have proved the most fruitful, attracting 9 people to ‘up’ vote the video, and one user to comment “Great harmonies, love it.”.

At the height of its popularity the video reached number 3 in the IndieFolk list but as time went by it gradually started to fall back down as votes dried up. Reddit gives preference to new items which tends to cause older items with a dwindling frequency of votes to sink down the list. Unfortunately I made a mistake whilst gathering evidence of the video at #3, so you’ll just have to take my word for it! I did however manage to successfully capture a screenshot of it at #7:

reddit 1

The ListenToThis Subreddit is a lot busier in terms of traffic, which could mean that it might be generating more views than IndieFolk. Either way it is going to be very interesting to see just how much Reddit has impacted on the number of YouTube views when it comes to analysing the stats.

Downloadable content

As an extra incentive for people who watch the video, I have made it downloadable. It is included in an”e-Christmas Stocking” I’ve put together as a Christmas give-away for Glass Ankle fans, new and old. Check it out! The link contains the video + separate audio files and 3 extra songs for your collection!

Twitter and Facebook

I have tweeted and retweeted the video using my personal account (@guregor11) and the band account (@GlassAnkleBand). This project provides a good opportunity to see how the network of fans, promoters, labels, radio stations and audio professionals I have been able to build will respond to a campaign such as this.

In my tweets and facebook posts I have adopted a professional and informative style whilst making sure I add my own personal touch. This way I believe people will feel more inclined to respond as they realise that I am not just relaying information. Glass Ankle is a project which I am extremely proud of and passionate about and I wish to share it with anyone who feels like giving it a try.

Here are some examples of tweets so far:


It is important to maintain a rapport with our audience. I intend on tweeting for feedback on the tracks in order to include our fans in what we are doing as much as possible.

Crystalline Recordings

Glass Ankle are supported by an independent micro-label based in Manchester called Crystalline Recordings. I have emailed them to request that they promote the video and downloads through twitter, facebook, and their website.



By blogging regularly here and via glassankle.wordpress.com/, search engine bots will have more to latch on to when it comes to searches for “Glass Ankle – Sufjan Stevens – That was the worst Christmas ever!”. This will in turn help push the video up the search results page!

I also aim to eventually approach specialist alternative music blogs to see if they would consider featuring the video.  If blog communities embrace the band, it could potentially lead to many more people talking about our music. There is perhaps no better way to get the word out than having real music fans talking about you because they love what you do.

Local Radio

Details of the video and downloads have been sent to ALL FM and Canalside 102.8, with ALL FM already confirming they will give the Sufjan cover a spin over the Christmas period. I am still waiting to hear which shows the song will be allocated to but I have a suspicion that it will be the Unsigned show and the drive-time show hosted by Ursula Pabisch. Here’s hoping.

Next steps..

Over the next week I will keep a close eye on the analytics provided by YouTube and report back my findings. I will also be looking into music blogs and asking them if they will consider running a feature.

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