Spreadable Media Blog 2 – Artefact no. 1

The first of my artefacts is a cover version Claire (vocalist, clarinetist and keyboadist in Glass Ankle) and I performed and videoed live.

I am happy with how it has turned out. It is not the best piece of production by a long chalk however it does have a sincere and mellow quality that perhaps only lower budget equipment could capture….

For this video I was inspired by live video performances such as those recorded by Sofar Sounds. Sofar record bands playing in living rooms across the world, within which is usually small audience. I really like the intimacy of many of the performances and wanted to create a similar feel.

This Sofar vid starring Count Drachma will give you a good idea of what I mean :

Sufjan Stevens // That was the worst Christmas ever! – by Glass Ankle  is a moment captured in time. It invites everyone to come and watch us perform in what was our front room before we moved. It is a very honest production in the sense that hardly any editing was done to either the video or audio after recording. What you see is a genuine live performance. The only differences from the Sofar gigs are that it was taken with only one camera and without an audience. Because of this and the fact that it is a little rougher around the edges  arguably makes it feel even more intimate as we play directly to you at home.

The main factors that I believe will help this video spread are:

  • The run up to Christmas. A large increase of people will be searching for Christmas music from now until the big day. We hope this might help the video in securing a few views.
  • Association with Sufjan Stevens. I think stylistically he is an artist with which we share much in common. This is particularly evident in his earlier material which mirrors our penchant of acoustic instrumentation and girl-boy harmonies. It is hoped that our video will attract fans of Sufjan’s music who might be impressed enough to investigate our Glass Ankle further and check out some of our own original songs.
  • Acoustic/folk music scene is a vibrant with a large audience that seems ever increasing. Our cover version fits this genre label and so I will try to target this potential audience. Before doing so, I will need to do some research as to the best platforms to place the video in order to reach these people.

It will be interesting to see if the popularity of this video will have an impact on the other videos in the Glass Ankle channel. Will we see an increase in traffic on the other videos as a result of people liking our cover and wanting to check out more of our music? Fingers crossed!

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